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Deal Stats Part 2 - In-Depth Search Features Plus Other Tools - January 2022 Webinar
We ran out of time in the November webinar, so here we will finish out the presentation of the detailed search features, and then learn about other tools available for the business appraiser.
Beta and the Cost of Equity - December 2021 Webinar
There are distinctions between asset and equity betas.

Popular Courses

Business Certified Appraiser Certification Program
The BCA Certification Program includes all three levels of the Business Certified Appraiser Body of Knowledge (BCA-BOK).
Going Concern
A 5% adjustment will not incorporate the operating risk of the business that utilizes the subject real property. Learn more here.
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis for Business Appraisers
Advanced Financial Analysis discussion, also includes a walkthrough of a valuation case.